The 10 Best Albums Of 2016

2016 was one hell of a ride in the music world and as always, our favorite artists did not disappoint. Compiling a year-end list of albums is never an easy task for bloggers but it’s a nice reminder of the year gone by and the music that helped get us through it. As eager as we are to put 2016 behind us, it’s comforting to know that the music released this year was top notch and there’s no question that 2017 will be an even bigger year for music. Enjoy our top ten picks below and please share your favorite albums of 2016 with us in the comments below or tweet us @DailyListening!

10. Viola Beach

Released 7.29.16

Viola Beach’s legacy is cemented in history with this debut record. While tragedy struck, the community has allowed this album to create its own buzz. It’s a record that celebrates the experience of adolescence, of being full of ambition and devoid of worry, while keeping a stark reminder on what could have been. – Adam Reeve






9. Arkells – Morning Report

Released 8.5.16

Morning Report was probably one of the most experimental albums Arkells have done so far. Taking their original alt-rock style and trading it in for something totally new and different shows their growth as musicians and writers. I’m super proud of these guys! – Chloe Skowron






8. Good Charlotte – Youth Authority

Released 7.15.16

Despite spending the past few years on hiatus, Good Charlotte’s comeback album, Youth Authority, is sure sign that the pop-punk veterans still have what it takes to produce songs that leave you thinking “Oh damn, they get it!”  no matter what age you are. Opening track, “Life Changes” definitely couldn’t come at better time in my life and this is the perfect example why GC are my all time favorite band. They also won’t let you down live. Seeing them earlier in August was one of the most energetic gigs I’ve ever been to. – Dóra Udvardi




7. Blink-182 – California

Released 7.1.16

I’ve seen quite a few negative reviews since this album came out, but I genuinely loved it. I wasn’t a huge fan of their last album Neighborhoods, and California reminded me of the Blink-182 that I love. Plus, driving down the streets of LA while blasting “Los Angeles” is pretty fun too. – Morgan McNair






6. The Pretty Reckless – Who You Selling For

Released 10.21.16

Who You Selling For, The Pretty Reckless’ third studio album, returns to themes present in the band’s previous work, but adds a melodic-classic-rock twist. – Katelyn A. Howard







5. All Tvvins – IIVV

Released 8.12.16

All Tvvins’ debut album is everything I didn’t know I needed this year. I waited for this one for what feels like ages ago and let me just say it did not disappoint. IIVV is the perfect combination of 80’s meets modern alt-rock. With refreshing, head-nodding material, All Tvvins brings the energy on every track of the record, and needless to say, it became quite the go-to soundtrack of my year. – Naty Cuéllar






4. MOTHXR – Centerfold

Released 2.26.16

To discover that Penn Badgley had a band sure got us impressed. To find out that they were releasing their debut album this year was even more intriguing! The Brooklyn quartet nailed their album debut and it goes to show the experimental capability of the band. With dark synths, hip-hop beats and a little bit of vocoder, Centerfold was one of the best revelations of 2016. – Naty Cuéllar






3. Wall Of Trophies – Heliograph

Released 1.29.16

Heliograph was given to me at the most crucial time. I can’t even begin to describe how helpful it’s been for me over this past year. It’s been my companion when I didn’t have a shoulder to cry on. It’s just one of those albums that makes you feel less alone as you marvel over the most unexpected things in life becoming the ones you cherish deeply. – Tina Roumeliotis






2. Garbage – Strange Little Birds

Released 6.10.16

As most of you know, Garbage is life! This record ignited something in me this summer as it mirrored everything I had been feeling for quite a while but just couldn’t put my finger on. I feel like I’m a better person with every Garbage record released. – Tina Roumeliotis






1. The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It

Released 2.26.16

I think we all pretty much knew when this record was released back in February that it would be pretty massive! The hype surrounding its release is still palpable. It’s just one of those records that forces you to feel something every time, which is something we can’t ignore. – Tina Roumeliotis

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