[Staff Musings] Not All Music Journalists Are The Devil

You’ve probably read that article comparing Green Day and blink-182, in the favor of the latter, by now. I’m still wondering what was the conclusion in it. Straight out dissing someone because you don’t like their music seems like nonsense to me but it is the only logical reason to be given here.

The above most recent example isn’t the only one I’ve come across but I feel like it’s finally time to speak up in defense of those young and passionate writers that actually still care about music.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…music journalists and album critics were bigger gods within the industry than rock stars themselves. We’ve come a long way since then, yet somehow certain things never change: people are still mean – and music journalists also often feel the need to state their irrelevant, snarky thoughts about music in lengthy paragraphs on the internet. I dislike this so much!

We at The Daily Listening are here to support our favorite artists. There is so much going on all the time that we don’t even have time to care about what artists we don’t like are up to, let alone sit down and write about them. While others, with some kind of influence and power within the industry are doing the exact opposite, leading everyone else to simply believe that music journalists are the devil.

I might have a jet black heart, but I’m not going to go out of my way to bring someone else’s work down – I may have done it in the past, I don’t remember nor deny it, but I’m constantly learning and trying to be a better version of myself both in my writing and in life.

Writing a negative review is easy. It won’t take you anywhere, though. It’s just lazy journalism, nothing more. Whereas constructive criticism is a more complex thing: instead of simply stating your hatred, you’ve got the option to create a thoughtful, well-put-together article that shows your readers that your writing is worth reading. Most importantly, you might inspire the artist in a positive way to try doing something new next time.

And if all things fail, just stop wasting everyone’s time and give your damn paid job in journalism to those that actually care about doing quality work.

Ed. Note: We have a No Negativity Policy here at The Daily Listening. We feel it is time for a change. Next time you feel the need to write something negative and share it with the world under the impression of being “professional,” think twice. Be kind. Rewind. Rewrite.

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

Writer. Photographer. Admirer of Arts.