[Staff Musings] Eisley – “Brightly Wound”

“I shall never grow up, make believe is much too fun.”

Being in my third year of college and on the verge of turning 21, I’m at the point in my life where everyone expects me to magically become an adult and have my life planned out. That can be a little difficult to deal with when you’re basically a 6 year old on the inside and still think gummy worms are an acceptable breakfast food.

If there ever was a song that described my desire to fly away to Neverland and never grow up it would be Eisley’s “Brightly Wound” off of their album Room Noises. If you listen to the lyrics you can tell that it’s probably meant to be a love song, but the line above and the overall whimsical vibe of the song makes me want to run away with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.

Check out “Brightly Wound” below:

(P.S. I totally nerd out over the fact that their band is named after Mos Eisley from Star Wars.)

Morgan Griffin-McNair

Morgan Griffin-McNair

Morgan is a music enthusiast and avid concert goer. When she's not looking for new music to listen to or hanging out at a show she can usually be found practicing photography or exploring new places.