[Song Of The Day] Tame Impala – “Let It Happen”

With the release of Tame Impala‘s third LP, Currents, out now, the entire blogosphere is abuzz with reviews and excitement. Though I’m appreciating the glorious sounds that are coming out of my speakers from this record, I want to shed light on lead single, “Let It Happen.” That’s right, folks. It’s time to get personal.

As humans, we avoid things. Especially things that are uncomfortable. Sometimes we avoid the truth because we think it would kill us. Sure, it may be rough for a period of time, but shit needs to unfold in order for us to grow. Try telling me that a year ago and I would have told you where to shove it.

I wasn’t ready to hear “Let It Happen” when it was first released this past spring. There were things that could have happened (that did) that I thought were simply unbearable. But now that they have, I’m glad I gave it a chance. We need to allow the storms, the chaos, the fire to burn us. If you’re going through hell right now, keep walking. Let it happen.


It’s always around me, all this noise
But not really as loud as the voice saying
Let it happen, let it happen (It’s gonna feel so good)
Just let it happen, let it happen

All this running around
Trying to cover my shadow
An ocean growing inside
All the others seem shallow
All this running around
Bearing down on my shoulders
I can hear an alarm
Must be morning

I heard about a whirlwind that’s coming ’round
It’s gonna carry off all that isn’t bound
And when it happens, when it happens (I’m gonna be holding on)
So let it happen, let it happen

All this running around
I can’t fight it much longer
Something’s trying to get out
And it’s never been closer
If my ticker fails
Make up some other story
And if I never come back
Tell my mother I’m sorry

I will not vanish and you will not scare me
Try to get through it, try to bounce to it
All the while thinking I might as well do it
They be lovin’ someone and I’m not that stupid
Take the next ticket to take the next train
Why would I do it? And you wanna think that

Maybe I was ready all along


Currents is available now here.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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