[Song Of The Day] OVER – “Thelma’s Cooked”

If OVER‘s previous material hasn’t hooked you yet, today’s Song Of The Day just might do it.

The Toronto duo are back with a killer new track, “Thelma’s Cooked” which the band describes as, “…inspired by the 1983 film Silkwood, starring Meryl Streep, Kurt Russell and Cher.  This gem appeared whilst traveling deep down the Kurt Russell movie rabbit-hole.  It’s based on the true story of Karen Silkwood, who spoke against poor safety practices at the nuclear facility where she worked, only to find out that she herself had been exposed to high levels of radiation. After testifying to the Atomic Energy Commission in the summer of 1974 about her concerns, she died in a car crash under unclear circumstances. Some say she was bumped off the road, others say it was all the weed and Quaalude’s found in her system. It’s within this atomic haze we find the fuzzed-out gothic stomper ‘Thelma’s Cooked.’ It’s not easy being nuclear green.”

Listen to “Thelma’s Cooked” below:

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