[Song Of The Day] Heffron Drive – “Rain Don’t Come”

It’s been almost a year since our favorite pop duo, Heffron Drive, released an acoustic cut from their debut album, Happy Mistakes. They just recently finished a series of Italian gigs a couple weeks ago. But that doesn’t stop these pop extraordinaire duo from keeping their creative juices in motion.

“Rain Don’t Come” is the duo’s newest release from the band and to be honest, we can’t keep our ears away from it. While it was teased for what I think was months, the song was totally worth the wait. With peculiar sounds coming from a flute, to the dance-y beats and vibes merging into a beyond amazingly guitar solo – product of the great skills of guitarist Dustin Belt – this song is guaranteed to keep you tapping your feet and definitely one to keep on your playlists and maybe even make your summer anthem.

It’s way more than what we expected, and lead singer Kendall Schmidt’s lovely vocals never disappoint. What makes this song so great is that it’s pretty different from the band’s previous material. Not only are we super proud of this new release, we’re absolutely in love with this sound!

The song is available on multiple streaming platforms worldwide so you can pick your favorite one to listen. They can be found here.

Listen to “Rain Don’t Come” below:

Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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