[Song Of The Day] Great Good Fine OK – “Always”

Not trying to make a big deal right here but, let me just say that you’re about to open up your ears to your new favorite synth-pop duo, Great Good Fine Ok. The Brooklyn based duo formed by Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman, recently released their new single “Always.”

From the very first beat of the track you can tell this group is a keeper. The catchy melody makes up for quite the chill jam vibes, which is perfect for the upcoming summer!

I’m glad this tune came up on my Discover Weekly playlist because the moment this song ended I couldn’t help myself but to dive deeper on their material, including a killer cover of the iconic 80’s song “Easy Lover” in collaboration with the always talented Panama Wedding. I think it’s needless to say that I fell in love almost instantly and I highly suggest y’all keep your eyes on these guys.

Check out “Always” below:

Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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