[Song Of The Day] Bloodboy – “Keep Your Disease”

LA-based indie-pop artist Bloodboy – moniker of surfer-turned musician Lexie Papillion – tugged on my heartstrings with her new single, “Keep Your Disease.” The song is set to be featured on the singer’s debut EP out this fall and is quite reminiscent of Garbage meets all that is good in this world with a sense of attitude to push you out of bed in the morning.

“The song is from the perspective of this sort of omnipotent, subliminal figure on a megaphone projecting these deeply rooted societal constructs and the ‘disease’ that is referenced is actually your true inner desires,” explains Bloodboy. “It’s kind of a call to action – a ‘wake the fuck up, do you even know yourself at all?’


Listen to “Keep Your Disease” below:

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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