[Song Of The Day] Be Charlotte – “Machines That Breathe”

Damn Good Vibesis how 18 year-old Charlotte Brimner from Dundee, Scotland describes her musical endeavor, Be Charlotte on her social media sites, and rightfully so.

Be Charlotte’s brand new single “Machines That Breathe” poises between the catchiness of a HAIM track and early indie-pop era of Kate Nash. The lyrics make you think about the fast-paced life we’re living in this capitalist and materialist world we created for ourselves. Sometimes it’s nice to stop being a breathing machine and get away from everyday matters. That’s what the song’s message is to me, and I love it for this.

Listen to “Machines That Breathe” below:

“Machines That Breathe” is due to release October 7.

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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