[Song Of The Day] BANNERS – “Into The Storm”

It’s no secret that since the very first day I stumbled upon the lovely music and strong voice that is BANNERS, he’s taken over every single monthly playlist I’ve ever done for myself so it’s only natural that when he released his new single on September 23 it became an automatic favourite for this time of the year.

“Into The Storm” is the newest addition to the incredibly talented Liverpool native. The track is an instant mood-booster, for me at least. Sound-wise it drifts a bit away from his previous slowly paced releases while it keeps the energy and strength in the singer’s voice and the BANNERS essence remains untouched while the lyrics speak about doing everything and anything in his power to keep his loved one safe.

We really, really hope for BANNERS to be working on some more new tunes but while we’re waiting, this song will sure “keep us warm.”

Listen to “Into The Storm” below:


Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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