[Song Of The Day] Babygirl – “Overbored”

Toronto duo, Babygirl – comprised of Kirsten Clark and Cameron Breithaupt – have captured everything we’ve been feeling and managed to poignantly fit it into a three-minute track. “Overbored” is an anthem for those who may be feeling a bit disengaged at the moment with life and all of the bullshit that can surround it. Feeling insignificant is a notion explored on the track and one we certainly can’t shake sometimes but it’s tracks like this that make all the difference as we learn that we are not alone.

“A lot of pressure is put on us to be extraordinary, especially when we’re young and beginning to figure out who we are and what we want.” Clark stated. “We wanted to write a song that celebrated those who were unsure, uninspired, bored.”

Look for the band’s As You Wish EP out this July!

Listen to “Overbored” below:

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