[Song Of The Day] Andrew Belle – “Dive Deep”

Originally from Chicago, Andrew Belle is a singer/songwriter now based in Los Angeles. His music, a combination of fuzzy and vibrant melodies, has gained him a quite trust-worthy fan base that has been rejoiced with the unveiling of a new track of his forthcoming and long awaited album.

“Dive Deep” is the first track since the release of his sophomore album Black Bear back in 2013. The song reflects on a feeling we’ve all felt at a time in our lives of the vulnerability of opening up to someone and letting them see who you are. The singer explains:

“I wrote ‘Dive Deep’ while thinking about the moment when we let our guard down and invite another person to know us on a deeper, more meaningful level. […] The hope is that my listeners will know a little more of me and my story through this new song and forthcoming album. Being vulnerable with another person is a difficult, uncomfortable process to work through but over the years I’ve found that there is almost nothing quite as fulfilling as when you’re able to say to someone, ‘Here I am. This is my heart – Dive Deep'”

I believe that Andrew’s intention of making a connection with the listeners is being well achieved already. The sentiment is wonderfully portrayed in the lyrics, which makes it easy for the listener to connect with it.

“We started a fuse. We started a tidal wave with a spark”

Listen to “Dive Deep” below:


Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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