[Song Of The Day] Lostboycrow – “I’m A Sailor Not A Salesman”

Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any better, Lostboycrow goes and proves us wrong again…and we are loving it!

The singer will be releasing the final chapter of his Traveler LP any day now and newest addition, “I’m A Sailor Not A Salesman,” just might be our favorite out of them all.

Co-written and produced by flor’s Dylan Bauld and Zach Grace (bless these gentlemen), the track was inspired by “the idea that who we are and are becoming is a direction leading us to far greater places than any other pursuit,” and that being genuine gets you further than hiding behind a facade that is becoming all too common these days. Amen!

Listen to “I’m A Sailor Not A Salesman” below:

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