[Song Of The Day] Kesha – “Bastards”

It’s no secret that women are releasing some savage music this week but one captured our attention the most: Kesha.

This goddess has been through the ringer and made it through to the other side – something all of us could learn a thing or two from. Today marks the release of Kesha’s new album, Rainbow, and the album opener, “Bastards,” is everything we needed to hear right now.

An ode to all the bullshit people throw at you left and right when you’re trying to accomplish something meaningful, “Bastards” is a track that will never lose its relevancy as there’s always going to be negative forces who have something shitty to say about everything.

There are going to be people who don’t get what we do or why we do it.

They don’t understand why we’re so kind all the time when it’s so easy to bash an artist’s work like the rest of the monkeys in this industry and call it a day.

But we’re on a mission and it doesn’t involve them. In fact, if it wasn’t for them and their shitty attitudes, we probably wouldn’t be motivated to fight so hard for a kindness revolution. At least they’re useful for something. 😉

While we do understand that we can’t change the minds of those stuck in their old ways, we may have an influence over those who want to break into this industry yet feel like they’re obligated to be a nasty piece of shit because it’s expected of them.

But just because that’s the way it has always been, doesn’t mean that’s the way it has to stay.

So let the critics and the naysayers whine in their little groups about how wrong we’re doing it or about how we don’t know good music the way they do. We’ll be over here enjoying music the way we want to. What we don’t like, we’ll pass on to someone who will appreciate it.

All it takes is a chain reaction of kindness. It really is that simple.

“Been underestimated my entire life
I know people gonna talk shit, and darling, that’s fine
But they won’t break my spirit, I won’t let ’em win
I’ll just keep on living, keep on living
The way I wanna live”

Listen to “Bastards” below:

Rainbow is available now here.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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