Sans Parents – “Loose People”

Sydney indie outfit, Sans Parents were assembled from the ashes of Hungry Kids Of Hungary and with the release of their second major single “Loose People”, they’re starting to find their feet in their second life. The track is a uniquely recorded, indie pop delight that could have easily fit squarely into an early 00’s college movie.

You know that cliche part where the girl finds out the bad boy did it all for a bet, but that was before he really got to know her? You know, where there’s a tonne of shots of the two and how they’re so lost without each other during the less than twelve hours since she found out it was all a bet? Stupid description? Listen to the track and tell me I’m wrong.

However you want to describe it, these guys are coming into their own and once they have a solid release under their belt they’ll surely be unstoppable.

Jesse Lewis

Jesse Lewis

Fueled by free time and a burning need to shove good music down the throats of others, Jesse is a music writer from Sydney, Australia who loves the hell outta summertime indie tunes. Biggest regrets include officially naming Rick Moranis the best actor of all time and not inventing the PEZ dispenser.