[Review] The Recoupes – ‘Anna’ EP

One of the true perks of reviewing music is being able to hear great music coming out of your hometown. The Recoupes are a four-piece from Essex/London and this is their new EP, Anna. This bunch of sprightly 18 year-olds (doesn’t make me feel old at all) are influenced by the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Libertines, which means this new EP is full of punchy guitar riffs, cool lead guitar licks and a whole lot of girl trouble. It’s awesome.

“Drunk Messages” kicks off the EP with a sunny lead melody paired alongside some rolling drums and a bass line that keeps everything grounded. The instrumentation is forever chopping and changing between the drums and the guitars, allowing both to take the spotlight for a verse or two. This makes for a nice illustration of the emotions often felt with sending a drunken message: the rolling drums being the rush of anxiety that comes in the buildup, and the guitars playing the part of the mellow that comes with confirming to yourself that this is definitely a good idea. It’s a very solid, catchy track that certainly kicks things off in a great way and helps build up some momentum and excitement for the rest of the EP.

Title track, “Anna,” is a scuzzy affair with thick walls of guitar distortion enveloping a lot of the other elements to create a much more emotive sound than its predecessor. The opening lead lick is noticeably a little less sunny and chooses to head straight back into the sea of distortion instead, which eventually rolls on through into a much punchier chorus. “Please Don’t” heads down a more relaxed route, as the guitars are performed on a more lax tempo than the previous two songs.

Finally, “Compilations” comes along to close out the EP with a big, finale-esque goodbye. A palm muted intro soon makes way for an anthemic section which involves a lot of heavy strumming to create some fortified walls of distorted thunder. It’s a great little hurrah to bring an end to what has been one very exciting EP from The Recoupes.

Listen to Anna below:

Anna is available now here.

Adam Reeve

Adam Reeve

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