[REVIEW] Smallpools – ‘The Science Of Letting Go’

Feels like it was only yesterday when Smallpools first caught our attention with their self-titled EP back in 2013 and then they did it again 2 years later with the release of their first full-length, LOVETAP!. Following the two-year gap, the band’s onto the next chapter and they’re still just as infectious with these new tunes.

The Science Of Letting Go is the band’s new release, a 5-track EP with such diversity in sound between one another. Every track on the album is based on real-life experiences; just by taking a look to the EP’s title is more than enough to know that there is going to be a punctual lyric to relate to.

Stylistically, the album features a diversity in sound that makes the tracks more relatable. On one hand, we’ve got energetic and upbeat-pop sounds in tracks like “Million Bucks” and “Passenger Side.” Then we’ve got a track like “Centefold” and “DJs & Porsches,” which is a more groove-bouncy style and a personal favorite. In the end we get a switch in gear with calmer, heartache-related track, “Mother.”

There’s no doubt that Smallpools definitely knows how to pull together an EP that make the listeners connect with their creative and honest lyricism mixed with their catchy and captivating melodies.

Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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