[Review] Lostboycrow – ‘Traveler: The First Legend’

I’ve always sort of associated Lostboycrow’s music with escapism. One listen to an LBC track and you’re immediately transported into another world for a while, and lately, that sort of thing is exactly what we all may need. As the singer takes us on a journey with new EP, Traveler: The First Legend, we’re told tales of his roots entangled in a story of love, pain and self-discovery set to the sounds of some of the sweetest pop-tinged R&B you’ll lay your ears upon this summer.

The first half of the LA-based singer’s debut album, Traveler: The First Legend, is exactly what we’ve been craving from LBC – a musical journey expanding on his already massive sound just begging to be acknowledged by the big leagues. But that’s not to say he’s not perfectly content being an indie king doing his own thing.

Featuring new fan favorites, “Verona,” “Real Name” and “Devil’s In The Backseat,” two new tracks come into play with this release and they just might be the heart of it all. “Nobody Knows” is filled to the brim with 90’s nostalgia set to the theme of letting love in despite your hesitations while “Traveler” is the pinnacle of it all; a journey within itself, perfect for all of those summer road trip playlists as we embark on new adventures soon.

We have a feeling part two will be even better. Stay tuned this summer for more!

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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