[REVIEW] Kodaline – ‘I Wouldn’t Be’ EP

After the amazing response to their latest single “Brother,” Irish lads, Kodaline, didn’t hesitate to tease that they’d be dropping a new tune at some point. Instead, the band surprised us with a 15-minute EP waiting for us this past Friday morning.

Featuring four brand new tracks, the I Wouldn’t Be EP showcases the band’s ability to straddle genres while keeping their sense of identity intact. What I love the most about Kodaline is that, no matter what, their songs make a strong connection with you while you’re listening.

The opening track, from which comes the EP title “I Wouldn’t Be” is a beautiful acapella piece that I must admit had me in tears within the first 15 seconds of it. I love how the four voices blend together.

Bittersweet track “Ready To Change” was written about a friend of the band. The lyrics are pretty relatable if you’ve ever dealt with wanting to help someone who can never make up their mind and/or commit to something. In addition, the band released a quite interesting yet moving music video for this track. Spoiler alert, pandas are involved. You’ll love it.

“The Riddle” features a super cool bass-line that throws off a more chill vibe before stepping into the moving closure “Blood & Bones.” The track is deeply moving and it’s mainly about missing someone you’ve lost but whose memory still lies within you.

Kodaline is gearing up for a couple shows in the UK in December and has returned to the studio to finish up their third album.

I Wouldn’t Be is out now.

Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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