[REVIEW] Echosmith – ‘Inside A Dream’ EP

When sibling alt-pop band, Echosmith, first burst onto the scene in 2013, all eyes were on them. Now, as the band has moved through some lineup changes with oldest sibling Jamie Sierota leaving the band to focus on fatherhood, Sydney, Noah and Graham are still at the top of everyone’s radar awaiting the follow up to hits “Cool Kids,” “Come Together” and “Bright” with their new EP release, Inside A Dream.

Originally intended to be a full-length, Inside A Dream is exactly what we’ve been waiting for from the band and it makes the mere thought of even more music that was promised in 2018 all the more exciting!

Kicking off our journey is “Lessons” – a track about finding love for the first time while being unsure of how it’s all supposed to feel. Borrowing some cues from classic love songs of the past (The Police’s “Every Breath You Take,” Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game,” etc.) the band delivers yet another clever take on relationships inspired by their predecessors set to an undeniably infectious subdued melody.

“Get Into My Car” could have easily existed in the 80’s as it does right now – maybe also a Taylor Swift Fearless era jam at best. Chronicling the beginning of a relationship where all you want to do is cruise with that special someone, this one just screams ‘future prom anthem’ to the max!

Speaking of teenage themes, “18” is a three minute nostalgia trip that will take you right back to your own eighteenth year as you compare notes on life at the moment. Blending the notions of youth and our future selves, “Future Me” is an anthem for all ages as it touches on the people we want to become tomorrow – a comforting reminder that there’s always room for change at any moment.

Lead single, “Goodbye,” is by far the standout track on the EP as it marks the band’s first release since their 2013 debut, Talking Dreams. A tale of finding the strength to walk away from a toxic relationship, “Goodbye” just might be the band’s biggest release yet.

“Hungry” takes on a darker theme set to an early Halsey-esque soundscape while closing track, “Dear World” is the love song the entire world needs at the moment. “How many souls can be crowded together and all of us feeling alone?” – a question we often ponder as times get dismal and life continues to beat us all down. “Dear World” is a reminder that everyone is fighting a battle but only with love will we ever overcome.

One thing is for sure: if this EP is any indication of what their sophomore release entails, we’re in for a treat. 2018, we’re ready for you!

Inside A Dream is available now here.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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