[PREMIERE] The Made and The Born – “Need You Right Now”

We first introduced you to The Made and The Born last month with their tropical-pop inspired jam, “Runaway.” The Nashville duo are releasing their next single, “Need You Right Now,” tomorrow, September 22, but we have a little early treat for you guys in the form of a premiere!

The duo – comprised of Julio Berrones and Joe Lamberson, originally from South Florida – combine their unique flavor of indie, pop and smooth vocals to form something the music world needs at the moment: authenticity.

“‘Need You Right Now’ is a really special song to us. It’s a pop ballad with an R&B backbone. That’s really where we want want our music to go. We want to make people feel something, good or bad.”

“I think a lot of people can relate to ‘Need You Right Now.’ It’s about how you can love someone even when they change. That you can be in love with the person they were, and the person they are becoming even when it’s difficult.”

“We really love to tell a story in our songs and ‘Need You Right Now’ is just that. It takes you on this journey of someone struggling through a relationship. You can totally see this inner dialogue playing out with some guy sitting at a bar wondering where it all went wrong.”

Check out the premiere of “Need You Right Now” below:

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