[PREMIERE] Leitbur – “I Need You”

Leitbur first came to our attention in the fall of 2014 with their chill-inducing track, “Heartsink.” Since then, the Los Angeles duo – comprised of Jaron Widman and Samantha Krzyston – have gone on to release 2015’s The Moment That I Knew You EP all while in the process of crafting the debut full-length masterpiece we are about to be graced with on May 6, entitled Antique Travelers.

First single, “I Need You,” is a true 80’s throwback and with it’s accompanying video reminiscent of a dance scene from an early episode of Saved By The Bell, you’ll be wishing you were at The Max with your gang while life didn’t revolve around technology and the only way to have a good time was to live in the moment. The track also celebrates the upcoming wedding of Widman and Krzyston in August.

“‘I Need You’ is all about reassurance. No matter what image we project to our friends and family on social media, we all deal with our own personal issues. Sometimes it just takes an “I need you” from the person you love to brighten up your day just enough for you to get through it. This was my way of brightening up one of Sam’s bad days last year.” – Jaron Widman

We are excited to bring you the premiere of Leitbur’s “I Need You” below:

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