[PREMIERE] Kaptan – “Hardest Part”

Chances are, you’ve heard a Kaptan song in the most random places. Department stores. McDonalds. Commercials. You’ve probably even Shazamed tracks off of his debut EP, Sprinter, while in those places. If so, great job! If not, let this be your introduction!

Following singles, “Better” and “Moving On,” “Hardest Part” is the third installment from the indie-pop singer’s upcoming EP, Over You, due out this spring. A haunting and (rather bittersweet) heartbreaking tale of missing a loved one, “Hardest Part” captures the pain and beauty that comes with moving on and attempting to let go.

This particular song is much different than anything I’ve done for this project. I lost my mother a few years ago and wrote this song about that. It’s definitely a little darker, sadder but its probably one of my favorite songs.”

Check out the premiere of “Hardest Part” below:

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