[PREMIERE] Jenna Lotti – “Beauty Queen”

School spring term is very much happening right now in good old England and the lucky ones even get to enjoy the warmer and sunnier days firsthand. Even though us, less fortunate people have to do boring stuff like work, we can still recreate the brisk vibes through music; for example.

Today, we are proud to premiere Boston, MA singer-songwriter Jenna Lotti’s brand new single, “Beauty Queen.” Lively synth-pop matched with Jenna’s comforting vocals is just the perfect addition to any spring break playlist. While daydreaming under the first warm rays of sun is what comes to mind first when listening to the song, the lyrics touch on the issues of false standards in our society.

“In today’s culture, social media tends to portray a false idea of beauty and happiness while creating a sense of validation from others. But, often the seemingly happy are just the opposite, desperately trying to mask their misery,” says Lotti. It also works as a daily reminder to be kind to each other, no matter how hard it is sometimes (speaking from socially introverted meanie emo-girl experience) because you can never know what others are battling with in their lives.

Listen to “Beauty Queen” below:

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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