[PREMIERE] Jack Woodward – “Let It Happen”

English singer-songwriter, Jack Woodward, captured our attention with his new single, “Let It Happen” – an indie-driven boost from his previous material and oh-so-catchy it’s pretty much perfection. The 90’s alternative vibes are running wild on this one! The singer is planning on releasing his sophomore EP – the follow-up to Fly Away – sometime this year and we’re pretty sure it’s going to be just as epic.

“‘Let it Happen’ is about the frustration of not getting what you want because you are getting in your own way,” stated Woodward. “It’s a message to say slow down and stop forcing it, just let it come your way and just let it happen. For me its about wanting someone and messing things up by trying too hard.”

We are excited to share the premiere of “Let It Happen” today! Be sure to pick up the song on March 4!

Listen to “Let It Happen” below:

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