[PREMIERE] Cuecliché – “One Last Chance”

London pop-punk band Cuecliché specialize in nostalgia wrapped up in hope. From their love of Blink-182 and Green Day to the powerful force that is their debut EP, One Last Chance, feeling like a teen again (well, in all the good ways) is possible with just one listen.

Cuecliché’s new music video for “One Last Chance” – produced by Samantha Pickles & Chris Demerdzhiev, which we are very excited to premiere today – brings the band to every pop-punk enthusiasts’ dream: a skate park. Are the Sum 41 vibes hitting you yet? Being that TRL is supposedly making a comeback this fall, maybe this one will catch fire so we can relive the glory days all over again.

Check out the premiere of “One Last Chance” below:

One Last Chance is available now here.

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