[PREMIERE] Autrey – ‘Chemical Lonely’ EP

For many new musicians, the first release serves as a vehicle of experimentation for the artist to discover ones sound. But for nineteen-year-old musician, Autrey, her freshman EP, Chemical Lonely, proves that she’s already beyond that point, having a sound reminiscent of artists like Lorde while providing a vulnerability that can only be expressed with her confidence. Keeping this in mind, we here at The Daily Listening, are honored to premier Autrey’s debut EP, Chemical Lonely, which we know our readers will be playing on repeat for months to come.

The EP opens with “Young and Bored,” which encapsulates the relatable feeling of both confusion and simplicity that come hand-and-hand with youth. Offering an eerie yet catchy overtone, the self titled track, “Chemical Lonely,” paints a picture of ones struggle with depression by offering relatable personification such as, “There’s a stalker staring through the window, not trying to hide that he knows everything about you.”

Autrey’s honesty is not only expressed lyrically in, “Big City Love,” but is conveyed through the songs slow tempo accompanied by an orchestra. It’s a song which displays the notion that appearing aloof or unstable can actually be a facade for ones utmost dedication, used to avoid getting hurt when the relationship crumbles. The EP returns to its central theme in the closing track, “Kids in the Crowd,” serving as an adolescent anthem, proving that, “our destination is innovation.”

Along with a bold debut, comes a promising future for Autrey.

Listen to Chemical Lonely below:

Katelyn A. Howard

Katelyn A. Howard

Katelyn's studies journalism at the University of Oklahoma and has contributed to local publications.