[Playlist] When It Rains

Rainy autumn season has officially started where I live. Put the kettle on, and curl up on the sofa with a good book, or bake tasty goods like I am doing at the very moment of writing this. No matter what, the sound of a killer rainy day playlist in the background will make any dark, foggy day better.

First off, Paramore has some very fitting songs for this occasion – “When It Rains” is an obvious choice, then there is “Misguided Ghosts” and “I Caught Myself” (oh, the good old Twilight days) for the sole reason of my associating them with autumn.

The sound of piano has never been more fitting to any type of weather but rain. Andrew McMahon is the master of these tunes. His solo project Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness and album of the same title carry an army of melodic, piano driven pop songs you can even sing-along to if you want to. Of course, Tom Odell cannot be missing from this category either.

I’ve also added songs of my favourite male guitarist-songwriters like Hozier, Ed Sheeran, and Ben Howard. Let’s pretend they’re jamming away on an acoustic guitar by the fireplace. Ultimate rainy mood: set.

I couldn’t forget about the ladies either – “Wings” by Birdy is a must have, Kate Nash’s “Foundations” and Nina Nesbitt’s “Stay Out” are rather cute additions to oust the melancholy while “Sweet Nothing” by Gabrielle Aplin will surely make you dance.

James Morrison’s classic “You Give Me Something” has also made it. I saw him play acoustically along with Biffy Clyro few years ago…in the London rain by the Thames, naturally. It was a beautiful and special moment.

Anthony West is known for being one half of the duo Oh Wonder these days. He also used to shred and sing in the band Futures. You can find both on the list not only because he’s a music wizard but because what would be more fitting than British rock bands. Some I’ve chosen don’t even exist anymore but I just cannot accept the fact that they’re gone now – Canterbury, for example, have great potential on this playlist for those who like an edgier sound.

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