[Playlist] When It All Hurts

It’s no secret that we all love each other to pieces here at TDL so when writer, Dora came up with the idea for a collaborative playlist on the tracks that turn us into sobbing babies, needless to say, we complied. I think we finally took our whole “sitting around the campfire and sharing music stories” seriously this time and brought that concept to life. Below is a commentary from Dora herself along with our editor, Tina on what some of these tracks mean for us. Enjoy and don’t forget to tweet us your favorite sad songs @DailyListening!

Having lost my grandpa after a battle of illness last year, “Nana” by The 1975 has been a special song to me ever since I first heard it. Even when I make it through the song, the line of “I haven’t been doing too well” gets me always – that’s where the idea for this playlist originates.

“I don’t love you” are the words no one wants to hear from a loved one. I recently re-discovered “These Four Words” by The Maine; even when I’m not going through such happenings at the moment, its topic is always relevant. I also cried a lot on You Me At Six’s “Crash” when it came out; it worked as a sort of escape to me back then.

“Invisible” is the last thing anyone would ever want to feel. 5 Seconds of Summer hit home with this one big time, as I often feel as if I don’t belong to this world and no one really cares about what I have to offer as an individual. The song describes this helplessness perfectly.

“Runaway Train” by Soul Asylum is a blast from the past. It’s probably the first song I remember that touched me in some way, although I was very young. I can still recall watching the TV program about children that went lost (no idea why; I was even strange for a child) and wondering what ever happened to them.

Believe it or not, I had a rather hard time picking songs for this list. Not sure why, since I’ve relied on music throughout everything that has ripped me apart. I finally found the right tracks after mulling over it for a while, allowing myself to feel what I thought was pushed away. “If It Hurts” by Gallant is a big one, especially during the second verse of, “Not afraid to show myself the truth, to see what I’ve been missing / But then again, that midnight I was in was so much more appealing” – displaying the side-effects of the illusions we feed ourselves.

“Memo” by Years & Years has the ability to take me right back where I was the first time I heard it as I hoped for someone to notice me the way I noticed him. “If I try my hardest would you look my way?Flor‘s “Let Me In” has probably been talked about before here but it has taken on a deeper meaning within the past month. For the same person as “Memo,” this track has the ability to tear my heart out and make me a new one within the span of four minutes.

It was only natural that I placed Wall Of Trophies‘ “Dirt” in here as that song always turns me into a crying mess while Morgan’s pick of Jimmy Eat World‘s “Hear You Me” was strategically placed ahead of Twenty One Pilots‘ “Goner” for sentimental reasons.

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