[Playlist] Teenage Wonderland

Do you ever feel like breaking down? get the feeling you are too old to attend a concert?

I certainly do as I’m coming closer to see 5SOS live this weekend at the ancient age of 25. The alarming fact the average age of the attendees is less and less than mine each year is scaring me. Even teenagers scare the shit out of me sometimes. Then I remember I have been one myself not so long ago.

Adults often tend to forget this as we worry about bills and work or we’re simply stoked for the plant we bought for the bedroom – as we slowly starve to death because we forgot to buy the food along with it. This escalated…truth is, some of us can’t even adult properly (no matter what our age is or how old we feel) and it’s nice to re-live, in a way, our teenage years from time to time. Having a playlist is one way to do it. Emo blast from the past or current favourites of the youth, you can find both on here – I assume.

Here’s to teenage memories!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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