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This kid was whistling while shopping with his family at the supermarket the other day – it was freakishly similar to the whistle song from Kill Bill

You see, soundtracks play a crucial part in movies and TV-series. It defines the outcome just as much as the story itself. Here, I’ve curated some of my favourite and most memorable music moments (what an alliteration, wow.)

I felt like the Harry Potter and Star Wars scores couldn’t be missed, they make those movies what they are. Even if you aren’t a fan, you know where these sounds come from. The Twilight movies themselves are questionable (I loved the first one, the rest not so much in hindsight) but the soundtrack throughout the five movies were always on point – hands up if you knew Paramore and Muse before this, haha! The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is other book adaptation fail (still looks better than what I’ve seen from the Shadowhunters TV-series coming out next year) but Zedd’s “Into The Lair” fit perfectly to the fight scene, and “When The Darkness Comesby Colbie Caillat was perfect for the end.

I don’t know what’s the deal with horrible movies yet awesome soundtracks – Jennifer’s Body is the best example for it. I remember Adam ‘Seth Cohen’ Brody and pre-AHS Evan Peters story-wise, and the music. Everyone that mattered in 2009/10 from the emo/punk-rock/alt-pop world is there. “Toxic Valentine” is what made me an All Time Low fan in the first place – they also appeared with “Painting Flowers” on the also killer Almost Alice album for the Alice in Wonderland movie that year.

Could you imagine Trainspotting without the song “Perfect Day” (is there a petition to stop them making a second movie?) Rocknrolla without “Rock & Roll Queen” by The Subways? Or, She’s All That without the now infamous prom dance for the Fat Boy Slim song everyone knows? Yeah, me neither.

I used to dislike “Young Folksby Peter Bjorn and John so much until it opened Gossip Girl. Everything fell in the right place afterwards – they also provide the theme for 2 Broke Girls with “Second Chance.” My two other favourite GG moment is where Chuck and Blair crashed a bar mitzvah for “Rolling in the Deepand “Road To Nowhereplaying during their wedding.

One Tree Hill was a musical heaven during its 9 seasons. Gavin DeGraw’s name will forever be linked to the series, and at some point in my life I was like “What’s a Fall Out Boy and who’s Pete Wentz?” The girls’ dance to Spice Girls was the happiest moment of the whole series at the end of season 4. Also, Peyton Sawyer is my spirit animal, and I have got no clue where my Lucas is. (Editor’s note: Long live Tree Hill and it’s killer soundtracks!!!) The American Pie soundtrack is also very satisfying for all the punk-rock kids out there.

Basic old-school rock tracks also made the list because Supernatural made them even more iconic. It’s hard to remember “Eye of the Tigeras part of the Rocky-soundtrack originally, when you have a hilarious Dean Winchester dance to it. Never forget.

Massive Attack’s “Teardropstuck with me ever since season 1 of Prison Break. And the last song, “Summer Noon” by Tweedy can be heard at the end of Boyhood – I recommend that movie for everyone. (Editor’s note: You never go wrong with Ethan Hawke!) It’s taking the viewer on a musical journey as well, as the story develops.

We want to know your favourite soundtracks as well. Don’t be shy, and fire away!

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Dóra Udvardi

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