[Playlist] A Nostalgic Gloom

Does anyone remember the concept of an Indian Summer – or summer at all? Neither do we, living in foggy Albion (okay, it’s not that foggy…yet). Come September with steady gloom, and everything is set for either curling up at home with hot drinks or taking a graveyard tour. Since these conditions are not going away for a while, we might as well embrace it with a killer playlist!

Falling leaves aside, our true 90’s kid-self is in full bloom after binging on Twin Peaks this entire summer. With that also came the urge for nostalgic sounds, and the moodier the better. Julee Cruise provides the title track for the iconic original series, while it’s also hard to forget Sharon Van Etten’s performance of “Tarifa” in the return 25 years later.

LANY has been TDL editor Tina’s favourite for a while now, and some of us arrived late to the party. “Super Far” is a track you will not be able to shake out of your head – especially after watching the music video. On the contrary, if you caught Night Riots supporting The Maine on their current UK/Europe run, chances are you are six feet deep in Love Gloom by now. It’s worth getting to the venue in time for the opening act, guys!

Many of our new discoveries are also riding this nostalgic wave. On the daydreamy synth pop side is “Dreams Tonite” from the brand new album of Alvvays and British newcomer Llovers are also experimenting with it on the fresh release “I Don’t Mind.”  Holy Wars are going down towards the dark side however; as we reported earlier.

Press play for more and let the music take you on this thematic journey!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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