[Playlist] Night Drive Part I

Creating a playlist for our journeys has become an essential part of preparing for wherever you’re traveling to. However, if you really want to set the mood, you better make a day- and night-time list separately.

I rarely drive but when I do, it usually happens when it’s still dark out. There is something captivating in the night and some songs were definitely made for lonely drives in the dark.

For this playlist, I chose songs that reflect the same vibes a big lit up city or the empty countryside has at night and the ones I associate with this period of the day due to personal experiences. The genres differ, but sure most of you can find something for your taste.

There is lots of Halsey because Badlands is an album you should listen to at night only and it’s basically what I live and breathe these days. The Neighbourhood, Little Matador, and Foals all have this vibrating sound I associate with rolling through an empty city with your car and feeling cool AF in general. While from the other side, there are CHVRCHES and Oh Wonder with soothing electronic and piano music that lets your thoughts soar in your head as the car goes through miles of dark forest.

“Miles Away” and “American Candy” by The Maine works well with both fun summer road-trips with your friends and driving alone – you still need songs to singalong to so a few Lorde songs have also made the cut just because of this.

EDM hasn’t really been a favorite of mine but I oddly like it as combined with other genres and guitar sounds so, there we have Twenty One Pilots, the soundtrack of my summer, and Bring Me The Horizon, who stepped up their game with this slight change on That’s The Spirit.

Mary Popkids‘ “Nightdrivehonors the name of this playlist – it’s my to-go when it comes to driving – and “Runaway” is also a very fitting song.

Have a listen below and let us know what you are listening to while driving at night! Part two coming soon!

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Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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