[Playlist] Naty’s Top Tracks of 2015

It’s pretty strange to think that this year is coming to its end! Where did the time go? And most importantly, why did it go so fast!? 2015 has been a year, personally speaking, of lots of thinking and reflection. Thankfully, I had lots of albums and pretty sick tunes to get me through the day to day. This year I also discovered a lot of artists I wasn’t into before and found some that will sure become favorites and artists that are at the beginning of their career but I’m sure their peak is yet to come!

Some of the artists included on this playlist weren’t included on my Top Albums Of 2015, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t leave a mark on me. Artists like X Ambassadors, MOTHXR, Hudson Taylor and Halsey, just to mention a few, were pretty new to me and I fell absolutely in love with their sound and concept. On the other hand, there’s songs in there from artists I already knew and happened to release new material during this year. It’s a little bit ridiculously long (not even ashamed, sorry) but these were the tracks that I couldn’t take my mind off of during the year. Day to day I listened to at least one of these songs, but here they are now compiled in an almost 3 hour long playlist, which hopefully you’ll enjoy.

Stay tuned for more staff picks!

Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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