[Playlist] I Don’t Care, I Love It: Guilty Pleasures

We all have at least one and if you say you don’t, you’re probably lying. We’re talking about guilty pleasures, of course – those things society says you should be ashamed of because some pretentious airhead decided it wasn’t “cool” to enjoy. Rule #1: Never take the advice of society. Rule #2: Well, there are no rules. :p

The tracks featured in today’s playlist are pop gems our staff doesn’t even feel guilty about loving. Sure, they may be a bit cheesy but that’s what makes them gold! We wanted to add a bit of T-Swift in the mix but apparently not getting paid to be played over a million times is a deal breaker for her. “Shake It Off” is there in spirit, though. So go ahead! Press play and blast it full volume until your neighbors find you out. Wear it proud! 🙂

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