[PLAYLIST] – From Silence to Sound

Music release is a funny thing…

We are excitedly, and sometimes impatiently, waiting around for things to happen when nothing does. While on the other hand, all of a sudden everybody decides to break the silence at the same time – like these past two weeks mainly, when emotional and mental breakdowns are just another announcement away. This 15 track long playlist was curated for the comebacks of 2017 that make the music world buzz lately.

Paramore kicks hard times in the face on their new power pop anthem, with the new record release a mere 2 weeks away. Feelings are fresh and mixed towards All Time Low’s brand new “Life of The Party” filled with EDM influences – the band will surely keep our ears and typing fingers busy on June 2 along with Halsey, when both artists drop new records.

Fall Out Boy and Linkin Park have also turned some heads with considerable shift in sound, that left entire fan-bases and music writers question their faith in mighty emo and hard-core. Let’s wait out what the full lengths have in store for us later in the year. We won’t lack of day-dreamy pop tunes either, courtesy of Lana Del Rey and Lorde – “Lust for Life” and “Green Light” are masterpieces in their own right.

The first solo single of Harry Styles since the breakup of One Direction is a comeback of a surprising type; an honest and stunning ballad, in which the guitar solo and piano lead seems like a really refreshing idea.

Until all the expected material actually arrives, we will spend some more time in our safe new haven provided by The Maine’s Lovely Little Lonely record that was released earlier this month.

Additionally: PVRIS just stepped into a new era with massive teasing; The 1975 is already working on Music For Cars maybe for later this year. According to a now unavailable tweet, Good Charlotte seem to be making new tunes as well and the sister power of HAIM has returned live from the studio “Right Now.” Phew…anyone else? Twenty One Pilots perhaps?

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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