[Pick Of The Week] Chelsea Lankes – “Matches”

Chelsea Lankes has a lot to be thankful for this year. She’s a newlywed – married to Julian Dente, better known as YØUTH – and she has finally made her musical return after a year long hiatus with new track, “Matches,” so she’s pretty much owning it all right now!

Delivering her best material to date, “Matches” is a chilling tale of how the self-destruction of others can often damage relationships, leaving a scar to those hurt in the war path.

“It’s about someone’s self-sabotage that led to infidelity and the inability to see how their selfishness was the root cause of the way things ended,” Lankes shared with Just Jared. “No one can see themselves objectively but especially in situations when you’re the bad guy, you victimize and you tell yourself reasons why you did what you did so you can use excuses to water down the truth to make yourself seem like less of a monster. But in the end, lying to yourself makes no difference when the damage has been done.”

Listen to “Matches” below:


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