[Pick Of The Week] LANY – “The Breakup”

LANY are getting ready to release their highly-anticipated self-titled debut album on June 30 and I think it’s safe to say that fans have been ready for this one for what seems like forever. New teaser track, “The Breakup,” just might be the best they’ve shared so far; probably the most revealing as well.

As singer Paul Klein shares his trials and tribulations on love and relationships, we’re given a glimpse into his past along with a few lessons on love along the way. Love sucks sometimes.

“I just went through the notes on my phone to figure out when I finished the lyrics. April 13, 2016. I remember exactly where I was… Malibu, sitting outside on the steps leading up to the house. There was this really chilly breeze, but the sun felt so hot on my back. I have no clue why my recollection of this is so vivid, but I do know that I felt an enormous weight lifted once I penned the words…this coming face-to-face with my flawed propensities but justified confusion in the pursuit of love…momentarily setting me free,” stated Klein in an email to fans. “I hope it means something to you. I hope you dance to it. I hope you cry to it. Maybe you can dance and cry to it at the same time. Maybe it’ll make you feel free…even for just a moment.”

Listen to “The Breakup” below:

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