[Pick Of The Week] King Shelter – “Preoccupy”

Orange County’s King Shelter categorize themselves as “salad rock” – a healthy mixture of rock consisting of surf, grunge, alternative and anything in between. Cue to us LOLing at that term but when you think about it, it’s pretty clever. The band is currently making waves with their track, “Preoccupy” – a well-crafted analysis and contemplation of America’s obsession with nightlife culture, especially in LA.

Singer Taylor Hecocks elaborates:

What are we trying to gain? Why do we keep doing these things? Why are we intentionally hurting other individuals for a temporary preoccupation? But most importantly, how can we be better? Because we CAN do better, we just have to try.

Check out the video for “Preoccupy” below:

Available now here.

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