[Origin Of A Song] Cuecliché – “Crazy Little Princess”

Ahh! The song that nearly never was. That’s the story I always tell about “Crazy Little Princess.”

Amongst a batch of music track demos Jake sent me, there was this one with a riff that just felt really sexy. When I heard it, I just kept picturing a girl in a red dress dancing alone in the middle of a room without a care in the world and that’s an image I couldn’t shake and it compelled me to try and somehow capture that in lyrics. I recorded what I wrote on my phone and I listened back but I hated it and felt really awkward about it so I came really close to deleting it but I decided to send it to Jake. What’s the worst he can do? I sent it and I got a text back half an hour later. “This is amazing! Come to the studio tomorrow. We need to lay this down.” That was a huge shock in itself because Jake is the busiest man in the world…ever. So it was so cool that my crappy phone lyrics excited him so much he cleared his afternoon and we got it down.

When we recorded the vocals, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to sing the vocals in a high key or low and Jake pushed me to record both to see which worked. In the final version of the song he used both. If you listen carefully, you can hear them but I think unless you know and you’re listening for it it just makes my voice sound really powerful.

Outside of the track “One Last Chance,” I think “Crazy Little Princess” is the track that most people say is their favourite on the EP which means the world to me because I really did come close to getting rid of it. It’s so much fun to play now and I think it’s probably the favourite of all three of us in the band to play, though I think some of the songs on our new EP (out January 18) might change that!

This is a song a few people have tried to guess who it’s about but the truth is it’s not really about one person. It’s about a lot of people. It’s my attempt to portray a strong confident woman. I think there’s a lot of strong, amazing and fantastic women out there and there’s a lot of people who try to hold them back or feel threatened by it. Pop-punk as a genre has especially come under fire for not portraying women in the best way and I hope this song is the complete opposite of that. The girl in this song is a leader. Though I do believe a lot of the accusations of songs being negative to women are attacked unfairly and its down to listener interpretation and I guess that worries me because I fear people could hear this song and somehow interpret it that way?

One of my favourite lines in this song is the line, “She’s a hurricane in high heels.” It wasn’t in the original lyrics I sent to Jake but when we recorded the final take I just threw it in. Jake was really taken with it and it stayed. I just think it creates such a contrast; when you think of a woman in high heels you think of sophistication and elegance but then you have a hurricane which you associate with wildness and destruction I think that is something I see in a lot of the women around me – calm but the minute you cross them they will destroy you.  *Editor’s note: Damn right we will! 😉

“Don’t overthink the situation.” This is absolutely one hundred percent a line I wrote to myself. I’m a very laid back and calm person but then sometimes in my past when I’ve had feelings for a person or been attracted to them, I really get inside my own head and assume the worst. I think if Cuecliché ever hit the big time I should be very grateful that one of my best friends Camilla is as trustworthy as she is, because she’s been my go-to in recent years for girl trouble and she would make a fortune selling the story of how worked up I used to get myself. I think I’m OK, though I still have karaoke videos far worse than any dirt she has on me.

The thing I really love about this song is you can really get deep into the lyrical meaning and really analyze it but at the same time you can do completely the opposite. Listen to it passively and just dance and enjoy the incredible guitar work.

Terry Rytz

Terry Rytz

Born in Liverpool, UK and raised between there and Denmark, Terry is the bass player and vocalist in emerging pop-punk band, Cuecliché. Terry is rediscovering the world of music after a nine year break and will be documenting his journey exclusively for TDL!