Morgan’s Top 5 Albums of 2015

Whenever the end of the year rolls around I try to create a list of my favorite albums of the year. I always find it pretty difficult to pick my favorite albums because there are so many artists that I love, but this year it was kind of a no-brainer.

I haven’t stopped listening these albums since they were released and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

Here are my top five albums of 2015 (in no particular order).


1. American CandyThe Maine



The Maine is one of those bands that has been a mainstay in my life since middle school. I have never been disappointed by anything they’ve released and this album is no exception. I spent countless afternoons this summer driving down the PCH with my windows down and American Candy blaring from my speakers. I honestly don’t think there is one bad song on this album. (8123 means everything to me.)




2. Future HeartsAll Time Low


Much like The Maine, All Time Low is a band that has been in my life since I was in middle school. I grew up with their music and I’ve seen how they’ve progressed and grown over the years. Any album that opens with gang vocals is a winner in my book (I’m pretty sure I tweeted something along the lines of “gang vocals make the world go round” once or twice). I know people who aren’t even fans of the All Time Low that praised the band for how great Future Hearts was, which may explain why it was the No. 1 album in the country. All Time Low’s sound has definitely evolved over the years, but I feel like through all that change they’ve remained true to who ATL is.



3. BlurryfaceTwenty One Pilots



Many. Emotions. I may not be able to rap along to half of the songs on this album, but I still love every single one of them. I don’t even know to explain how I feel about this album because it makes me feel everything all at once.






4. BadlandsHalsey



This girl came out of nowhere and now she’s everywhere. I am a HUGE fan of concept albums. I’m glad that Halsey didn’t make an album full of songs written solely about relationships, however I don’t have anything against artists who do. Halsey has said herself that Badlands is a reference to the state of mind that she was in while writing the record, and I love the feeling of being transported to that metaphorical wasteland whenever I listen to this album.




5. Around The World and BackState Champs


THIS BAND. THIS ALBUM. I obviously don’t know the guys in State Champs personally and I had nothing to do with the production of the album, but I am so proud of the band and this record. This is a solid pop-punk album. It makes me want to put on a flannel shirt and a backwards snapback and eat pizza with my friends. Cheesy pop-punk jokes aside, State Champs exceeded my expectations with this album. Frontman Derek DiScanio’s vocals fill me up with so much energy, and this album reminds me of why I fell in love with the band a few years ago.



Stay tuned for more staff picks all month long!


Morgan Griffin-McNair

Morgan Griffin-McNair

Morgan is a music enthusiast and avid concert goer. When she's not looking for new music to listen to or hanging out at a show she can usually be found practicing photography or exploring new places.