[LIVE] CHILDCARE Headline The Lexington (+Michael Jablonka) – London, UK

Up-and-coming indie four-piece, CHILDCARE, finished off their first ever headline tour at the Lexington in London Tuesday night (November 28). We were there to witness the magic and bring all the details of a sold out night in words and visuals.

Support for the night, Michael Jablonka is no newcomer to the scene nor the extensive touring around the world, being soul legend Michael Kiwanuka’s guitarist most notably. This time around he is gaining momentum as a solo artist. Like a modern-day Hendrix, the performance is filled with soaring, heavy riffs that bring back the long lost old-school dirty rock feel, paired with catchy melodies; it is quite the musical revolution we need right now.

Leaving the house during the wintertime for the sake of a weeknight gig after you settled into warmth and coziness – a dreadful concept but CHILDCARE turned that into bliss. Imagine if The Neighbourhood had colourful aesthetics plus a more upbeat indie sound with a lingering dark tone, and that would be CHILDCARE for you. Their latest single, “Put Down Your Pen” surrounded by the intimate live setting of the sold out venue is the perfect example where seeing a new band you don’t know much about falls right into place. Surely we all love to experience intense stage dramatics and stunts but sometimes simple things like the pulsing female vocals on “Kiss?” count as pleasant highlights of a live show.

Needless to say, we strongly approve.

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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