[Live] Broods – The Conscious Tour @ Webster Hall, NYC

Broods hold a very special place in my heart for many reasons – one being that they were the band I saw the night after I bought The Daily Listening’s domain name. I remember being starry-eyed on that chilly March day back in 2015 and a bit apprehensive about what I had done, not sure if I was ready for the responsibility of maintaining a music site all on my own. I feel like I’ve grown with the New Zealand duo over this past year and Georgia Nott’s words are a reminder that there are other sensitive, kindred souls like me out there who need music to survive.

Their live show isn’t one to miss and while I thought nothing could top the spiritual experience that was the Evergreen tour, it looks like the Conscious tour takes the cake. Clearly they’re doing something right as their live show takes them to bigger venues. New York City’s Webster Hall was completely sold out and the excitement was palpable.

Opening up with new album title track, “Conscious,” “wait for the explosion” could be used to describe the entire set as the audience was dazzled with a top-notch light show throughout the night while personal favorite, “Hold The Line,” was a sight to see. Once the duo sat down for a more personal acoustic set, we were mesmerized by Georgia’s angelic vocals as “All Of Your Glory” felt like an ode to a higher power while Caleb Nott strummed softly next to her.

Another personal favorite, “Freak Of Nature,” was my moment to sob as Nott sang everything I’ve been living in less than four minutes, sans Tove Lo, of course. With lyrics like, “Dancing scars from long nights / I’ve been bruised by your light,” I was brought to the depths of my mind as my own personal struggles danced in front of me. Things clearly got intense once “Recovery” came into play as the entire balcony shook with excitement leading us into the Captain Cuts-laden “Are You Home” and current single, “Heartlines,” written with fellow Kiwi, Lorde. After an unexpected outfit change, Georgia came out looking like a modern-day Baby Spice – chunky shoes and everything – dazzling us with a much-appreciated ’90’s nostalgia.

Once crowd favorites like “Mother & Father” and the anthemic “Free” started up, the audience livened up like never before so to say that the encore of “Bridges” and “Couldn’t Believe” was electric would probably be the understatement of the year.

Despite the venue being all about that bass, which apparently I’m learning I’m the only old fart who isn’t about that life, the show was solid all around. But I kinda already expected that. Broods go big and they’re about to get bigger. Get ready, world.


Conscious  | Hold The Line  | Everytime  | Never Gonna Change  | All Of Your Glory (Acoustic)  | Taking You There (Acoustic)  | Bedroom Door  | Freak Of Nature  | Recovery  | Are You Home  | Heartlines  | Pretty Thing  | L.A.F  | We Had Everything  | Full Blown Love  | Mother & Father  | Free


Four Walls  | Bridges  | Couldn’t Believe

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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