[Live] Alexis Kings @ The Crowndale – London, UK

As Londoners gathered in the great outdoors for the very important first BBQ’s and sunburns of the year in the suddenly amazing weather, up-and-coming St. Albans five piece, Alexis Kings geared up for a headline show in the heart of Camden Town this past Saturday night. They did this as part of a series of warm up gigs ahead of this year’s Camden Rocks Festival.

Out of the impressive list of supporting acts – also consisting of Yur Mum, Delphi, and The Baddest  – London based indie band Lighthouse caught my attention the most. They were clearly having fun on stage, which made them a fitting lead up to what was to come from the headliner.

It’s not every day you leave the house to see a band you never heard of before, yet it can lead to surprising discoveries from time to time. Alexis Kings brought the sunroof down with laid back summery indie-pop that sums up a well spent London weekend perfectly. Tunes like “Squire” makes sure you enjoy yourself, even dance regardless if you knew the band before or not. “Strawberry Blonde” is also a catchy bop on the chorus, one of those music festival sunset anthem types with a nice guitar solo while “Morning Diana” is the cute singalong-worthy love song.

Despite the sometimes crappy crowd, one of the best ways of discovering new music is putting any artist to test live first. It gives the extra experience that Alexis Kings properly passed – listening to their songs at the time of writing, I wonder why they aren’t bigger yet and find myself wanting more. Feed me more new music soon, please!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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