[Listening Party] Transviolet – ‘Kaleidoscopes’ EP

It’s not the full-length album we were all expecting, but Transviolet’s new EP, Kaleidoscopes, is filled to the brim with the band’s signature shimmery electro-pop and we are swooning!

From the intergalactic vibes of title track and lead single featuring Reo Cragun, “Kaleidoscopes,” to the banger that is “Pretty Head,” the band demonstrates exactly what they are made of and then some.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Transviolet release without the lyrical poetry of frontwoman Sarah McTaggart. “The Hamptons” is proof – “I’m imagining my brains on his carpet, in the Hamptons” – all while standing alone as the perfect summer road trip jam. “Don’t Put It On Me,” “Astronaut” and the heartwrenching “Bruises” will all leave you wanting more as we await the release of that album!

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Listen to Kaleidoscopes below:

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