[Listening Party] The Technicolors – ‘Sweat’ EP

Though it’s been only a bit more than a year since The Technicolors released Ultraviolet Disguise, the EP that gave them a wide approach, they have been up to a lot. We can’t deny that since we first heard their music we’ve been more than invested on getting to know them a little better. Today, we’re glad to introduce the summer mixtape that will do so, and one we won’t be able to put down during the upcoming season.

Sweat is the summer mixtape brought to you by the Arizona based alt-rockers. This EP is the culmination of a really interesting challenge The Technicolors put themselves into. Lead singer, Brennan Smiley, gave us a little introspect on this record specifically where he states:

“We made something. With only acoustic guitars and beat machines and arcade synthesizers. A challenge that yielded something cool. It’s things like this that reveal our true character as musicians, songwriters, friends, people. Taken out of your comfort zone & forced to make something new of it. Venture into a new kind of thicket, a new politic, uncharted territory. I was so surprised to see what came of it, and even in doing things the opposite way we normally would, We were shocked to see how much of US was reveled in these songs.”

And while on the journey of listening to the EP in its entirety, we can see what he meant with it. Sweat is an absolute journey, one where we can truly experience their essence as a band and what they’re trying to achieve. Comparing these tracks with their previous material, they’re completely different yet astonishing on their own matter. This is where we can see how they let their musical influences rush in, in order to give them the power to create something so original with a vibe that’s theirs and theirs alone.

I think it’s awesome how much they did with so little engines on their power. They created an EP meant to take you on a trip, to make you feel like an actual space cadet making your own way through the universe while Smiley’s wondrous vocals blended up with the synth beats making up for the soundtrack of said journey.

Listen to Sweat below:

Available now here.

Naty Cuéllar

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