[Listening Party] Night Lights – ‘Expectations’ EP

Night Lights are constantly surprising us. That’s a rare find these days. The Los Angeles-based band met in 2012 while attending school in Boston as they bonded over shared musical interests and inspirations. With members hailing from California, Mexico, Norway and Japan, you better believe that each brings an eclectic energy to the band. With the recent release of their Expectations EP, emotions were riding high and it definitely exceeded our own expectations while also throwing us for a loop in the process!

Starting off with title track, “Expectations,” we’re brought into a Dashboard Confessional-early 2000’s feel with a short yet sweet introduction yet we all know we’re not ready for what’s to come, no matter how often you’ve listened! Lead buzz-track, “Take My Hand,” takes us on an indie-rock rollercoaster (hey, count us in!) while “Gimme” is the EP’s much-appreciated ballad we once described as, “touching on the subject of existentialism and the confrontation of love in one night full of potential.”

Maybe we’re biased but our hearts have a very special place for “Childish.” Reminiscent of a MuteMath track, this is probably one of our favorites of 2016!

“Retreat” is a haunting, edgier sound from the band, proving their diversity in under four minutes while “Into The Light” is a more personal ode to singer Mau’s cousin who passed. A real tearjerker but so desperately needed.

Listen to Expectations below:

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