[Listening Party] MOTHXR – ‘Centerfold’

Today’s the day, folks. Brooklyn quartet, MOTHXR, have just released their debut LP, Centerfold, and if you’ve been paying attention to our past posts about them, then you should now by now that they’re kind of a big deal.

Between dark synths, hints of hip-hop/R&B and tons of slow-paced, chill beats, Centerfold is quite a promising album intended to fully take you on a trip back to the 80’s decade. A strong and haunting beginning is marked with the line, “I want so much. So much” from opening track “Impossible” – where the journey begins.

While some may say the album is “monotonous” I prefer to say it is consistent, in a way that every track on the album sticks to a certain style, which in my opinion is absolutely cool. One thing to mention and highlight about this record is that –almost– half the album was made without a record label.

Highlights on the record for me are “Touch” where the 80’s influence blends carefully yet amazingly with experimental pop and “Centerfold” which is quite the throwback track with lead singer, Penn Badgley‘s vocals attempting a lower tone and totally nailing it. A risky move comes with the saxophone solo included in “Victim” and I love all the vocoder action they put on their obscure closer track “I Can See You’ll Never Make It.”

If anything we have to learn about MOTHXR’s debut album is that they’re not afraid of being experimental and let’s be fair, they nail it and they showcase exactly what they’re capable of making. They’ve been making music for the past 2 years, they’ve sold out shows and they’ve got their name to start talking about. Despite the title of the last track on the album, we can totally see these guys WILL make it…bigger and better.

Join us for a Listening Party of Centerfold below:


Centerfold is available now here.

Naty Cuéllar

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