[Listening Party] Kongos – ‘Egomaniac’

I think we can all agree that there’s nothing better than authenticity. Add to that a big spoon of honesty and diversity and you’ll get the perfect mix of four brothers with an astonishing sound. After the massive success with their platinum-selling album Lunatic, Kongos have made their triumphant return with their third full-length album Egomaniac.

Musically speaking, it certainly may not be an album made for “everyone” but it is an album that was made to connect. The honesty in the lyrics gives the album a level of complexity that will certainly take you up to 3 times to actually listen and get, but it does give a point. What I love the most about this album is that, while stylistically it may sound different as it sticks true to Kongos’ personality as a band. They keep on being authentic and they’re not afraid to show the natural talent they have; they also stick true to it’s now signature accordion sound.

“Take It From Me” marks a heavy start featuring the iconic accordion sound and lyrics like “Nothing can stop me, nothing holds me back” and hopefully, we’re sure nothing will ever stop this band. Up next comes a track that, to me, shows perfectly how unpredictable they are with“The World Would Run Better” as it dives into a side of the band we hadn’t seen but we could easily fall in love with. After a few listens this song became a personal of mine, not only because it has a conversation-like nature, but because of how it blends that vibe with the music – also we get to hear guitarist, Danny’s vocals and they’re just so, so good.

While “I Want It Free” keeps the sound-like similarity with their previous material, “Underground” gives a more rock-chilling vibes, both of them leading to one of the standout tracks on the album. “Autocorrect” lyrics may not be taken “seriously” at first, but once you pay attention to the details you’ll understand how well it plays with the irony of all things considered relevant nowadays while saying all that in a funny (and not so radio-friendly) way.

The pace slows down a little with “Where I Belong” and “2 In The Morning” – the latter being another side of the band we don’t usually see. The lyrics and the whole vibe in general on this one make it up for becoming another favorite of mine.

Rounding the end of the album, “Hey You, Yeah You” and “Repeat After Me” are a mere example of how two songs can create such a stunning contrast between each other yet work together like an amazing combo in order to lead up to a folky and catchy closing track like “If You Could.”

I really can’t play a role where I necessarily need to compare this album with their previous one. Each of them showcases a side and an era of the band. What I definitely can express is that this album is the proof of how versatile this band is.

It is impressive as it covers more than one ground showing that Kongos is capable of bursting out of their safe haven to create quite astonishing tracks. Maybe it’s got to show that, at times, it’s okay to be an Egomaniac.

Listen to Egomaniac below:

Available now here.

Naty Cuéllar

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