[Listening Party] FOXTRAX – ‘The Cabin’

Long Island, NY bred but now LA-based indie/alt band, FOXTRAX, only formed in 2015 but have been garnering some impressive acclaim. With a sound that goes beyond their years as a band, FOXTRAX – comprised of Ben Schneid, Jared Stenz and Jon Stenz – are proving that they’re here to stay with their newly released EP, The Cabin.

Opening track, “Go It Alone,” is a self-assuring anthem of starting over despite being alone as the world opens up to you as long as you take that big step while buzz single, “Underwater,” backtracks a bit to why we need a fresh start in the first place. “Dark of the Night” is a chilled-out daydream in which we cling to when things get overwhelming – a reassuring notion that no matter how bad things feel, there’s still a night sky out there filled with stars and a brand new day ahead of us.

“On The Run” envelops me in my thoughts of my rocky relationship with God as lyrics like, “I can’t remember times that I’ve tried to hear you in the morning,” and “You’ve got a dream I know all too well that I’m a part of,” shake me to my core as I struggle with finding out if I’m really on the right path. Closing track, “I’ll Be Back For You,” is an epic ending to an EP if there ever was one as we’re left pining for more, especially with lyrics like, “I’ve got love in my heart but my head is torn apart / It’s sad, but it’s true.”

Listen to The Cabin below:



The Cabin is available now here.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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